1520 embraces all that is best about Galway, with a warm welcome to visiting guests and locals. Consistently offering an excellent experience for our customers, our guests are immersed in another world of warmth, conversation, laughter and fun. What we call ‘the craic’….real fun. The team are so hospitable, with a warm welcome and friendly attentive service.


Great Food, Great People, Great Atmosphere.

Savour home-cooked, rustic bar food, until 9:45pm daily. Sip your favourite classic cocktails with a modern twist.

The welcoming interiors include plenty of corners and well-worn upholstery with an eclectic mix of portraits, posters and paraphernalia dotted throughout.


Inspired by the 14 Tribes of Galway

 1520 is very much a 21st-century bar with a nod to our rich and varied history, influenced by the 14 Tribes of Galway. We are lucky to be situated in the Medieval heart of Galway, on Quay St and Kirwan’s Lane,  a section what was once called Martin’s Lane.

Kirwan’s Lane is often an overlooked gem of Galway’s old town, it is believed to be one of only five medieval laneways that still exist in the city today, out of an original 14. It is, in fact, considered by historians and archaeologists to be one of the richest areas in terms of medieval layout, building design and street plan.

It is where one of the 14 Tribes, the Kirwans, “presided over the city’s social and economic affairs during Galway’s most prosperous period from the early 16th to mid-17th century.”

Inspired by the 14 Tribes

of Galway



Take a look inside the walls

1520 Bar is currently closed.
We will be open again very soon.
Table bookings are suspended for now.